Tomasz Sitko

Unity Game Developer

About me


  • I am young men, person who loves challenges. I started my “adventure” with Unity while studying. During my career I was working on projects for platforms such as PC, macOS, Android, iOS, WP, WEB, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. I am trying to not stop and go forward by learning new things in Unity and improving my coding skills.


  • Secondary School, Kolbuszowa (2010 – 2013)
    Minor: Mathematics, English
  • University of Technology, Computer Science, Rzeszow (2013 – 2017)
    Minor: IT systems engineering

Professional experience

  • Prime Bit Games S.A. (1.02.2017 – 26.03.2019)
    Role: Unity Game Developer
  • RoboSoccer Sp. z o. o. (15.04.2019 – current)
    Role: Unity Game Developer

Technical experience

  • C# (main), C, C++,  Java
  • Unity, Blender, Git, Photoshop
  • Vuforia AR,
  • Nintendo Switch SDK, Xbox SDK
  • Zenject, UniRx, Mirror
  • SOLID, DRY, KISS, Unity Unit Tests
  • PHP, MySQL
  • Fat Free Framework


  • creating and programming UI,
  • creating simple 3D models,
  • creating simple animations and integrating them with 3D models,
  • programming  gameplay and simple AI,
  • programming multiplayer game server,
  • programming API for multiplayer game,
  • integrating REST API with game,
  • creating simple Android plugins,
  • using Bluetooth LE in Unity,
  • writing unit tests.


  • automotive,
  • games, e-sport,
  • drones (currently Fimi X8 SE),
  • 3D printing (currently ANET A8),
  • new programming technologies.